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Xuio Services Inc

Est. 2023

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How do we know a house is sick? Bad energy is manifested through mess, dirt, mold and other variants. There are homes where people get sick or fight constantly or where you simply feel anxious or depressed. These are some of the main symptoms.
Our home therapy is focused on healing your space through different elements such as textures, chromotherapy, design and paint. Our approach is a change challenge that incorporates different holistic tools and numerology to help us understand more about you and your specific needs.
We are here to help, whether you are going through important changes in your life or just need to transform your physical environment to one that brings comfort and makes sense for you as you regenerate.

The room of the house you decide to start with is up to you. We are comfortable working with a single room or the whole house – you decide, and the process will be the perfect suited to each space.


We believe that one’s home is a reflection of oneself, and it plays a vital part in our healing process. We spend most of our day indoors, and our home should be a place where we wake up inspired and motivated, and it should act as a getaway from the stress of reality. Our mission is to help you connect with the space you call home, while at the same time giving it a fresh and positive new vibe.

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More than a painting company, we are a studio that specializes in co-designing conscious interiors. We have insurance, so you can be calm and confident when hiring us. Our warranty covers peeling and / or blistering due to defective workmanship and will be effective only if the customer pays Xuio Services in full for work completed and retains the original contract. There are some exclusions, so please ensure to read the contract truly. We are constantly acquiring new knowledge and seeking new approaches and trends to offer you the best personalized services. We always work with the best paint and tool companies.